Google Apps Updates: New UI, latest version of the Google Drive app for iOS

Google Apps Updates: Google Drive has recently updated with a whole host of new features available to the general public. Google Drive is one of the best collaboration tools available today because of its revolutionary cloud technology.

The latest app update for iOS comes with a number of new features that improve on the last design and produce much faster results. The problem with the older version of Google Drive for mobile devices is that it was tough to access the content that you wanted when you wanted it.
 With the web based app it was very easy to search through drive results to find your files. The issue with the Google Apps was that finding the files you last worked on involved a lot of searching.
It was also tough to find data that you may have been accessing a long while ago. With the latest Google Drive features, it is much easier to search through your results via a swipe gesture.

 This means no more lengthy searching or loading to find the files you need to access.

What this means is that you can easily search through files on your mobile device and even collaborate with other users by sharing links.

Rather than having to trust a web based version for all the features, in many cases the mobile version of google drive is just as fast especially on the IOS update.

 Swipe gestures carry you between documents and an improved syncing feature with Google Drive ensures you no longer need to wait an excessive amount of time to access your files or when scrolling through past documents.
While other versions of the software included lengthy loading screens, the Google App Update syncs with the cloud far more easily and this means swiping through hundreds of documents in a few seconds if need be.


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