5 Reasons for why we love the new Google Hangouts

Watch out Slack, Hangouts will be taking over! 
In case you haven’t heard, Google announced that by October of this year, the Hangouts you used to know will disappear forever! However it will be only to transform itself into a brand new state of the art app that you might end up loving. First changes will come up for the adaptation phase in April 16th and you should be prepared. But this article will focus on why you will love this new version (we wrote another article to know more about the upcoming changes in configuration). 

 1. A Better Integration with the Suite

The company has already launched the new group chat and meeting system that looks very similar to Slack and Microsoft Teams, but not everyone has made the switch yet. Hangouts Chat & Hangouts Meet (the way they are called now) have now a deeper integration with the rest of its office suite, unlike Slack that is a third party tool.

The app will still offer direct one-on-one chats, and it will also still work natively on the web, Android, and iOS. But the new group chat rooms will offer threaded messages and will be deeply integrated into Google Docs and Sheets. Now you can assign document permissions automatically based on the team that created them, filter by rooms, people, file types, or even links that were dropped in the room.

2.App Scripts & Bots

Some other extensibility options that features, is the possibility to create “app scripts” by having bots working on the inside of the chat and that allow third-party companies to create apps and integrate them with the Hangouts Chat.
Furthermore, Google is using that feature itself, with a bot named @meet that can look at the schedules of anybody in a group chat and automatically suggest a meeting time and schedule it directly in Google Calendar.

3. Ten Going to Hundred

Talking about meetings...Hangouts Chat will integrate with Hangouts Meet. Unlike the Classic Hangouts that only supported a meeting of up to 10 participants, this new video chat have high definition video meetings for up to 100 participants. Not enough people yet? Then wait till you see Hangouts Live feature... ! 

4.Live stream in Hangouts Meet

This past September Google announced the Live stream Hangouts feature, if 100 wasn’t enough. Meeting organizers in G Suite Enterprise domains can enable live streaming on their meeting in Calendar and invite their audience with the stream URL, up to 100,000 in-domain users can watch the meeting from the web or their mobile device.

As to why the feature was added, the company explained: 
“Many companies have important meetings that require delivering a message to large groups of people, like a company-wide all-hands or onboarding training. Now, G Suite Enterprise users can live stream Meet meetings to support these needs.”
 The ability to add live streaming to a meeting open the Admin console and go to Apps > G Suite > Google Hangouts and click “Meet settings” Here, toggle “Let people stream their meetings”. 
For more information on live streaming video meetings, check out the Help Center.

5. Your Meeting is just a Click Away

Setting up a video meeting should be a lot easier guests who aren’t on the invite will be able to “knock” and ask to join. Enterprise customers will also get a dial-in number automatically and tap the calendar entry from their smartphone to open up the app with the number and the meeting ID ready to dial, if they are on the go (to know how to do this click here)
The app’s main screen displays a list of your scheduled meetings, along with other details like location, time, subject, attendees and more. You can click a green “join” button to attend a meeting from your phone, which takes you to the video chat interface. Buttons let you mute your call or switch off video.The app is available for your Android or your Iphone

More reasons to love the new Hangouts 

Do you have more reasons to love the new Hangouts or do you need help to switch from the Classic ones? Then don’t forget to contact us or leave a comment below. We are committed to make your daily tasks easier so you can focus on what really matters. 


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