Google Hangouts is disappearing forever as you know it

you may have heard of the brand new Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat, but if you’re still using the classic hangouts, be aware that as from October 2019,  Google will start retiring the classic Hangouts app for its G Suite customers! 
This past January Google announced in an official blog post the transition phase with a few changes on the G Suite Admin level,  starting on April 16th of this year.

How to be prepared?

If you want to be prepared and have a smooth transition you should start taking action now. April 16th’s changes include: 

Settings and Inability to create Groups Conversations: 

Although you can still use Classic Hangouts and can direct message any Hangouts Chat user (including external users), Chat admin settings will now control chat capability in both products. Furthermore, you might not view or reply  Group conversations that belongs to the other product.Group messages are separate between the two product and if you want to continue a conversation in Hangouts Chat, you will have to recreate it.

Protection will Change for Google Vault Customers 

By April, mail retention rules and holds will stop protecting chat messages in classic Hangouts. Instead, new Hangouts Chat retention rules and holds will protect chat messages in both classic Hangouts and Chat. This rule is to protect all your chat messages in classic Hangouts when Chat rules start protecting them on April 16, 2019. 
Before April 16, 2019, you must
- Review and set new retention rules for Chat in Google Vault.
- Duplicate any existing Mail holds for Chat in Google Vault.
- Set any new holds on chat messages from Chat in Google Vault.
- Once you have set the rules and holds for Chat, in order for them to take effect, remove the indefinite retention rule that may be overriding your rules.
Click here for more information from the Google Help Center or contact us if you need help!

When should I start moving to Hangouts Chat?

The sooner, the better! A new setting in the Admin console under Apps > G Suite > Hangouts Chat will be added so you can disable classic Hangouts user interfaces whenever you’re ready. And if what’s worrying you is more functionality before the switch, rest assured that between April and September 2019, Google will add features that will make it easier for your users to move to Chat such as:
- Integration with Gmail
- Chatting with external users
- An improved video calling experience
- Making calls with Google Voice

Are you still uneasy with this new change?

Don’t worry, we understand that any change of any kind can be intimidating and since we have as a mission to make your daily tasks easier so you can focus on what really matters, you can now check out in this article,  why the new Hangouts Chat and Hangouts meet will be awesome! 


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