How to restore G Suite contacts and other data older than 30 days?

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Having all your data in the cloud has countless benefits; one of them is more security. But ‘more security’ doesn’t mean 100% threat free.
What happens if for any reason your G Suite contacts or data suddenly get lost from your cloud?  

Google allows admins to restore Drive or Gmail data for their users up to 25 days  after it is permanently deleted from the user’s Trash. Admins can also restore Gmail messages that had been deleted in the past 30 days via the Email Audit API
If you deleted, synced, imported, or merged contacts in the last 30 days, you can undo those changes to retrieve your contacts by:
- Going to Google Contacts.
- Click More  and then Undo changes.
- Choose a time to go back to. 
- Click Confirm.

What if I lost my contacts or files for more than 30 days? 

With Google you can restore your G Suite contacts when they have been permanently deleted, but up until 30 days.  This however is for 30 days max,after there will be no way to restore specific files and sharing settings need to be reassigned
In other words, if you had contacts, emails and other data that was deleted from your G Suite for more than a month Google tools might not be able to help you. 

 An Alternative solution for the future:  

Although Google can offer you a limited solution, that doesn’t mean your data has to be lost forever if those 30 days have passed. There are several third party solutions on the market that backup your cloud data in case your information is lost for any reason. Spanning Backup however is the option we recommend. 

Spanning is one of the easiest cloud backup services you can use to backup your Google services. The service will backup your contacts and other Google functionalities such as your Gmail, Calendars, Drive and Sites.  

Once you have installed the app, all you have to do it go to your “Settings” in order to configure what exactly you want to backup and who you want to have access to the app. 
Once you have done this you’re all set! From that moment and on, you’ll be able to backup any data from any specific user, date and timea at the "Status" section in the menu. 
Spanning offers a 14 day free trial so you can give the service a try without having to spend any money to find out it the service is right for your organization. 

Need assistance? 

With Gapps Experts you can get premium support for G Suite, Spanning backup and other great apps! Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance or great discounts on this and other great apps. 

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