Meet us at Google Next ‘18 and discover SaaS subscription Manager

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Are you struggling to keep track of your SaaS subscriptions?

SaaS solutions are wonderful! Organizations all over the world now use SaaS tools to become effective, while saving money. But it's hard to know exactly what you’re paying for, and dealing with so many control panels, invoices, and support teams, can be a real headache! Chances are, you're probably paying too much for your SaaS subscriptions, and some of them you may not need anymore!

But what if I told you that you’re a click away from solving these problems and preventing the struggle?
Gapps Experts SaaS Subscription Manager not only allows you to add, renew, or cancel licences and subscriptions, it also keeps track of your budget, manages your recurring payments, approves your staff purchases, and easily generates detailed invoices!
Want to have a sneak peek?

Get the full picture of all your SaaS Subscriptions

When you use Gapps Experts Subscription Manager, managing your apps is a breeze! You can compare costs, add/remove licenses, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel a subscription for multiple apps - with just one click!

Have all your Invoices organized

Manage your recurring payments, approve your staff purchases & organize your billing. You can easily generate detailed invoices to help you track exactly what you're spending, when the services renew, and the terms of each contract. You can even group your invoices,separate them, have them printed and keep them in a single place.

Avoid Service Interruptions or Suspensions

If your credit card expires or changes, we’ll get the information directly from your credit card company and update it for all your subscriptions, so your services can continue without any interruption.

Get Offers and Discounts

With the subscription manager, not only you’ll be able to simplify your app management, you’ll find saving opportunities on the apps that you already use.

How much does Subscription Manager Cost?

Brace yourself: This solution is completely FREEGapps Experts maintains partnerships with the vendors, so we make our profits from them, not the customer. That means you pay the same money, for more features, and better service.

Want to know how to get the subscription manager?
You can contact us here. But if you would like to get premium face-to-face guidance, you can meet us at the Google Cloud Next ‘18 in San Francisco on July 23-27.

Not registered yet? 
You can use our exclusive code NEXTGAP18 to get a $300 discount on your registration!
We hope to see you there!


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