No Wifi? No problem! You can work offline with the New Gmail

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Picture this situation: A sudden storm hit your city and you lost internet connection because of it. Your Internet provider won't answer your calls and you don’t know what to do in order to finish that report you’re supposed to deliver in a couple of hours right now or you’re fired. What are you going to do? 

We hope you’re not in this situation (with such an unsympathetic boss), but if you were in a similar event you shouldn’t worry, as having no wifi is not a problem anymore.

Wait what?! 

Yes. Just like you read. This past 8th of May Google announced this feature, but not a lot of people know about it yet. With the New Gmail interface, you can work without interruptions by using your Chrome browser (v61 or higher). Search, write, delete, and archive up to 90 days of messages, even when you’re offline. 

Enable Gmail offline for your domain

As the feature is disabled by default, you must enable is first on your domain in the Admin Console. To do this: 

1. Log into your Admin console 
2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Apps > G Suite > Gmail > User settings.
3. Scroll to Gmail web offline.
4. Check the Enable Gmail web offline box.
5. Click Save. It may take up to an hour for changes to propagate to all users.  

* Optional: If you want offline content deleted for your users when they sign out of their Google accounts, check the Force deletion of offline data on log out of Google account box. This will prevent your users from keeping content on their local devices when they log out.

Turn on Gmail offline for your account

All users who are using the new Gmail can benefit from this feature, once you enable it for your domain. But in order to do so, they must turn the feature on, as well on their accounts.
In order to do so: 
1. From each  inbox, choose Settings 
2. Click the Offline tab.
3. Check the Enable offline mailbox
4. Under Security, select one of the following to indicate how to handle offline content when you sign out of your Google account. 
  • Keep offline data on my computer. Data stored on your device will not be deleted when signing out of your Google account or when changing your password. To delete account data from your device disable offline mail and save changes.
  • Remove offline data from my computer. Data will need to be re-synced to your computer when signing back into Mail. It may take a few hours to re-sync the mailbox.
Note: If the G Suite admin has enabled the option to remove offline content when users sign out of their account, users don't have the option to change this in Gmail Settings.   
5. Click Save changes.

Make your offline working station yours 

Gmail offline stores the latest 30 days of attachments and emails on your local device, and Chrome allows Gmail to use up to 7% of your available hard drive space for online content. 
You can reduce the amount of storage space your offline content uses, uncheck the Download attachments box in Sync settings or reduce the storage duration to 7 days.    
To set up your preferences when working with Gmail offline: 
1. Click on Settings in your Gmail  
2. Click the Offline tab.
3. Choose a value in Sync settings.
4. Values are 7, 30, and 90 days.
5. (Optional) Uncheck the Download attachments box.
6. Click Save changes

So let’s get started: How do I use Gmail offline already? 

Now there’s not much left to do… using your Gmail offline is as simple as creating a bookmark for your inbox to open it when you’re not connected or browsing in your Chrome browser for

Don’t have the New Gmail Interface on?

Then what exactly are you waiting for? In this article we tell you how to enable the new interface and more reasons to convince you to have it if this one isn’t enough. But who doesn’t want to be more productive even when there’s no holly wifi to save you?!

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