Top 5 Reasons for Buying G Suite from a Reseller

If you're reading this, you might be wondering what a G Suite Reseller is and what they do exactly. Most organizations are not aware of the benefits that are involved with buying G Suite from a G Suite Reseller. To understand why, first we need to know why Google needs Partners and what advantages these Partners offer to G Suite customers. So let’s take a look at what Google has to say about it:

So now that we know why Google needs Partners and the benefits these Partners can offer, let’s examine the top 5 reasons why you should buy YOUR G Suite from an authorized Reseller.

1. Savings

Did you know that buying G Suite from a Reseller costs exactly the same as it does when buying directly from Google? Sometimes a Reseller will even sell G Suite to organizations at a lower price! 

If you’re asking “Why?” you are not alone. Most people are not aware that Resellers receive their incentives from Google, so end users do not burden the costs of these additional services, it's Google! So, if you’re not using a Reseller, you're missing out! 

In addition to the normal or discounted monthly/annual subscription fees, Resellers can offer discounts on Marketplace Applications which would otherwise cost full price. If you find yourself again asking “why?” then you’re among the majority of users who are still paying full price for most of the applications and services connected with their G Suite

2. Proactive, Personalized Support

Organizations who purchase their G Suite directly from Google receive 24 hour system critical support. While this may sound like all the support an organization will need, it is important to note that it is only available when a service is not working. So, it is not ongoing support needed for general questions, like “how to's”, “tips and tricks” and especially not the ongoing support needed for consultations about integrations of third-party applications. 

Google support is reactive, meaning it kicks in only when the customer initiates it. On the other hand, Reseller support is proactive, meaning there is always ongoing communication to keep customers informed of changes, potential risks, and new developments. This is why Resellers are called “Partners”. They are identified by the Google Partner logo:

“Resellers boost the 24 hour system critical support to the highest level of priority case escalation, meaning your request is treated in the queue before all of the customers that don’t have a Reseller.”

The support provided by an authorized Reseller is complete, ongoing and encompasses any scenario where expert advice and assistance are needed. In addition, having a Reseller escalates the 24 hour system critical support provided by Google to the highest level of priority case escalation. This difference means your problems can be solved within the hour instead of the day (or even longer).

3. Custom Integrations and Developments

G Suite Business is an amazing platform for SMB’s, but the basic suite is only the foundation. The G Suite is designed to be customized and enhanced through integrations with other apps and different software to provide an optimal work flow. 

A Reseller will assist you by integrating your G Suite with additional products and services, such as a CRM, Support Desk, Accounting Software, and other platforms such as Microsoft Exchange and many more. Making the most of your G Suite environment means integrating it with your other cloud solutions, so that your data is connected, up-to-date and ensures your workflows are as efficient and effective as possible. 

A Reseller provides access to Project Managers and Developers who are always at your service, available for advice and happy to provide free consultations and proposals for implementation. By taking advantage of these services, organizations can design ideal workflows and improve their performance. Resellers can provide Google Scripts to customers, which are then used to automate tasks across different Google products and third party services. They can also build customized web applications with minimal cost.

4. Professional Training

When using a Reseller, you have a plethora of resources at your disposal to guide your staff and get new hires up and running with G Suite in no time at all. 

Instead of sifting through tons of information on your own, a Reseller hosts regular webinars, where customers can tune-in to receive live training. Reseller also provide links to resources, tutorials and how-to articles to ensure your staff are using the apps in the way they are meant to be used.

Your users can receive live in-person training by a certified G Suite Expert or speak face to face via video-conference from the convenience of their own desk.

5. Staying Ahead of the Curve

G Suite is a suite of constantly evolving technologies. Throughout the course of a year, there are hundreds of new features being released and integrated into the apps and services you are already using. Only in 2015 there were more than 300 new features introduced to G Suite! Imagine how many more there are now. 

Most business only find out about new and useful apps after their peers and competitors have already implemented them. Using a G Suite Reseller ensures that you stay informed and have the flexibility and adaptability you need to remain on top.


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