Google Apps News: 20 new animations in Google Slides

The Google Slides feature is the best new way to present ideas and collaborate with others on the cloud from anywhere. Rather than paying for expensive cloud-based collaborative software, Google now has all of the tools that you need to create any type of presentation on the go with embedded video, animations and more.

Google Slides has a variety of different features that will enhance your meetings and presentations. Not only does Google Slides boast inexpensive presentation suites, it has universal compatibility and accessibility. Rather than needing to worry about having your presentation files with you, you can simply log in with your Google account from wherever you are, and access your well-crafted animations from Google's servers.


The best part about Google Slides is its extremely collaborative environment. You can assign users to any presentation file, and voila! Your entire team can start working together on a presentation in real time. Advanced animations, the ability to display live web links, embedded video, and thousands of different fonts are only a few of the features that make Google Slides superior to its competitors.

New and improved animations

The new animations feature also introduces slide transitions which can help you customize the style of your presentation, making your Google Slides more dynamic. Currently, Google Slides features many of the animation file formats that you might find in PowerPoint, such as fading in slides, fly in from left animation, fly out from left, and the new appear and disappear features. The appear and disappear features are especially helpful with embedded video and other page elements, because you can simply make these page elements disappear into your presentation file after you have played or displayed them. This can create seamless transitions without the need for a vast amount of slides or work.

Google Slides will likely be the future of presentations as we know it. Your business will benefit most from jumping on the bandwagon now to maintain its competitive edge.


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