Google Apps News: Introducing Google+ Collections, A New Way to Curate Content

Google has just announced Google+ Collections, a new way to group posts by topic on Google+. This new feature is a great improvement for the social power giant, as the new tool allows users to “curate” content. In other words, to collect, organize and display content relevant to a specific interest. 

So how does Google+ Collections work, and how can Google Apps users benefit from this new feature?

How does Google+ Collections new feature work? 

A new tab has appeared on your Google+ Profile. Just like you create a board on Pinterest, or a magazine on Flipboard, Google+ Collections allows you to create curated content to share privately, publicly or with a defined circle. You can start a collection focus on one topic by gathering together a set of posts with pictures, videos or links and Google+ users can simply follow your collections. 

Google+ Collections works the same way as any other curated space. For example, you can pin a post, moving it from your profile to a specific collection. Above all, you can take someone else’s post, and share it in your own collection, growing into a curated set of resources. 

Even better, whenever you share your collections, that post will also appear on your generic Google+ Profile with a link to your collection at the top. The posts originating from collections you follow will be automatically be in your home feed with a direct link to the collection so you can get more content from the same author. 

Google+ Collections is a great flexible tool to let you organize your interests and focus areas. You can decide to follow one person or this person’s collection only. You can customize every collection with pictures, names or color of your choice giving you total flexibility with your curated space. 

 How Google+ Collections improves collaboration on Google Apps 

Google+ Collections is fully integrated to Google Apps for Work. In fact, Google Apps users enjoy this new functionality and can use collections for collaborating and communicating on small or bigger projects, to organize company party or to plan next communication strategy. 

Creators of the collection are able to gather relevant information in different formats: video, images, links or whatever the board should include. Then, followers of the collection can simply have access to all relevant content in on single location. 

Here is a a quick guide made by Google on how to create and edit collections.


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