Google Apps News: New Version of Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook® allows you to use Microsoft Outlook® effectively with Google Apps. 
All your employees will be able to use the interface of their preference to manage their emails, contacts and calendar event while you will get the security and reliability of Google Apps.

The new Google Apps Sync for Microsoft® Outlook (GASMO) 3.0 released by Google includes added features, enhancements, and updates.

The Improvements:

Outlook Tasks now synchronize with Google Apps

You can use Outlook Tasks to track and manage to-do lists in your Google Apps account. The following information in Outlook Tasks synchronizes with your Gmail Task gadget, and is available from other devices where you access your Google Apps account:
- Tasks, including due dates and reminders
- Task state (whether a task has been marked as completed)
- Top-level task folders sync as separate task lists in the Gmail Task gadget
Editions included: 
Google Apps for Business, Government and Education
Languages included: 
All 26 languages supported by the plugin 

How can you get the new release?

1. Update Google Apps Sync
  • If you installed Google App Sync: Updates are checked for and downloaded to your computer automatically.
  • If your administrator installed Google Apps Sync: Updates are downloaded to your computer automatically, if your administrator enables automatic updates.
    You can also download the latest version at any time from the Google Apps Sync download page.
2. For the update to go into effect:
  • If you have Windows XP: Restart your computer.
  • If you have Windows Vista: Restart Microsoft Outlook.
To see if you've got the latest version, click the Google Apps Sync icon in the system tray and choose About from the menu.


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