Google Apps News: Protect your Google Account with Password Alert

On April 29th, Google released Password Alert. No doubt, this feature is essential for any organization using Google Apps for Work. It adds an additional level of security to the existing professional suite of applications Google offers to organizations who have moved to the Cloud. Protecting your users from phishing attacks is a necessary step to ensuring the data in your Cloud is safe and secure. Let’s understand why:

Would you enter your credentials into the page above? If you said yes, then your password would be exposed to a third party who is trying to steal it!. It is a “phishing” page and 45% of the time, it succeeds in fooling users. It is one of millions and millions of attempts made every day to steal passwords, which are later used to gain access to data stored in your Google Apps.
The Password Alert feature, released by Google last week, teaches users to use different passwords for different sites. When this plugin is installed, any user who enters their password into a site other than an authorized Google sign-in page ( will receive a warning notification.

Administrators can install Password Alert for everyone in the domains they are managing and receive alerts whenever possible problems are detected. Ensuring that your users are following the best practices for safety and security is critical. And now, with Password Alert, Administrators have a way to ensure these best practices are being followed and that their Google Apps data is protected from phishing attacks.


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