Securing your data on the cloud: Spanning Backup versus Google Vault

Google Apps is a great solution to collaborate and manage your organization’s data on the cloud. But did you know that if data is deleted from Google, it is gone forever?

Unfortunately there are many scenarios where Google Apps customers experience data loss. One common incident involves recently terminated employees, who delete their Google accounts from the company’s domain, along with other crucial information from the cloud. Unfortunately, in these cases, without a backup solution, everything is permanently deleted - all emails, sheets, documents, etc. that the organization relies on to function.

As you can see, many Google Apps users are under the false assumption that Google Vault is protecting them completely and taking care of all their backup and recovery needs. Unfortunately, this frequently causes data loss for companies who are using Vault without additional protection.

Google has no ability to recover lost data deleted from the accounts of your organization. This is why there are other backup solutions available for buffing up your data. One app is Spanning Backup, which automatically backs up your Google Drive/Google Docs data every day.

Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between Spanning Backup for Google Apps and Google Vault.


Google Vault does not prevent data loss

The best practice for Google Vault is archiving and eDiscovery - but it’s not a backup solution. The app can prevent data loss if an account is placed on legal hold and hasn’t been deleted, covers Gmail and chat messages, and it allows administrators to search for and export data.

But Vault is not geared towards retrieving information if it has been lost. Essentially, as a Google Apps user, if you are keen to use Google Vault, it should be used in tandem with another trustworthy backup solution to protect against data loss in your organization.

Spanning Backup for Google Apps: The Ultimate Backup Solution

So, what’s Spanning Backup all about? The app is specifically geared towards backup and recovery. This means backing up from daily losses, and the app saves data even if a user’s account is deleted. Spanning Backup covers all of Google Apps - Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Calendars and Sites, and it enables IT administrators and end users to restore and export their own data.

What does it all come down to? Google Vault is for you if you need to know who is accessing emails and documents and at what time. For securing data stored on the cloud seamlessly and retrieving it at any time, due to a security breach, random error, or a natural disaster, a backup solution such as Spanning is the answer.


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