Easy transfer to Google Apps for Work with Data Migration Service

As more and more organizations move to the Cloud with Google Apps for Work, the Giant has enhanced its data migration service to ease the transition from Microsoft Office to Gmail. If the task of migrating from Office to the Cloud seemed daunting, look no further than the data migration service!

What is the data migration service?

The data migration service provided by Google lets Google Apps for Work admins seamlessly migrate all of their employees’ emails to Google Apps. All the admin needs to do is access their Admin console to use the service. There are no other apps or tools required! The setup is simple and most mail server connections can be made automatically. You can also control everything in the Admin console, not through a client.

New contacts migration feature

Now, Google has released this same capability for contacts. According to their announcement, “Admins can migrate their employees’ contacts from Microsoft Exchange (2007 and above) and Microsoft Office 365 to Google Apps directly from the Admin console, without needing to install and configure any client tools.” The buffed up feature has clearly defined set-up flows in addition to the auto-discovery of mail server connections. 

All together, this service makes the contacts migration process easy and feasible for any Google Apps admin.


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