Oops” I Sent it again...

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"Hey Sweetheart, last night was so amazing, I can’t wait to come back to your sweet lips, let’s escape together and leave everything behind. My wife is the devil and I’m so happy I met you.

Your Secret Man."

This email belongs to a man who pressed send, to his wife, instead of sending it to his mistress.
Escaping this terrible nightmare was anything but simple.

Secret Man’s experience is old news now, thanks to the new Undo Send feature at Inbox, Gmail.

We all know that moment when you click send, only to realize that you made a horrible mistake.

Oh well,
To die only once is to never to truly live.

How does it work?
First of all, stay calm. With Inbox, you can easily take back an email even after sending.
The new Undo Send in Inbox was released a few weeks ago, and now it's also available on Android, iOS and the web.

“But second chances aren't forever Even miracles have an expiration date.”
― Robyn Schneider

Gmail’s undo feature grants you a window of 5–30 seconds to “unsend” your message.

This feature can save your life, or at minimum, protect you - so use it!!


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