Google Hangouts: Hold full-screen sharing meetings with Google Hangouts

Google has just released a brand new feature for its messenger app: full-view screen sharing is now available for screen-shared content. The screencast part of a Hangout is maximised with presentation-mode, and this new feature is translated in two changes in the user interface: 

- The screen shared content takes now the full screen and the thumbnail photos of participants overlay the screen at the bottom by default. 

- Participants can now hide the thumbnail photos of the other attendees with a click on a button from the control bar at the top.

A professional chat and video collaboration experience with Google Hangouts

Formerly known as Google Talk, Google Hangouts is the default messenger app in Gmail. Google Hangouts is seamlessly integrated into Gmail with a clean and simple interface, and runs on mobiles and tablets. Users can make and receive calls, chat, or even do video conferencing and screen sharing with great video and voice quality.

Instant messaging is an essential feature for a company to boost its productivity, allowing optimal collaboration with co-workers. In addition, Google Hangouts works across multiple platforms, the web, and Android and iOS devices. In fact, Google Hangouts works with Google+ - you can start chatting with your Google+ Circles directly from Hangouts.

Teamwork is given a boost, as Hangouts lets users chat, share files, or even hold video conference. Limitation goes up to 100 people for chats, and 15 participants for video.


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